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PLUS memberships - What are the perks?

First and foremost, PLUS members support financially. They make it possible that this project exists, expands and stays available for free for those without the monetary means.

Basic members might not support with money, but there are many other ways to show your support and be an active and crucial part of the mission.

After all, it's about our shared humanity and solidarity, and you can share your light in many forms. It might be a long chat at night with a struggling person; it might be a donation to run the servers, a class taught in the academy, and an event held.

There are some extra features the PLUS membership offer, which is most helpful if you are a teacher, coach, therapist, or your profession or calling is in any other form connected to alleviate suffering in the world.

As a PLUS member:

  • You get more chances to interact, get in touch, be seen by other members.
  • You are rewarded with a higher percentage of HAPPY Token.
  • You get more exposure, which is helpful if you're a teacher, therapist or offering some benefit on
  • You support and make it possible for us to offer most functionalities free of charge to those who can't afford a PLUS membership.

For becoming a PLUS member and the prices available, please visit the membership page.

Did you know that you can also become a PLUS member by using the HAPPY token you earned? Check out your HAPPY wallet.

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