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What can I do with the HAPPY Token?

The HAPPY Token is a utility and payment token used on It aims to incentivise the cultivation of and spread happiness through gamified cryptocurrency rewards.

We're continuously tweaking and expanding the possibilities of the HAPPY Token.

Right now:

  • You can buy a CORE membership with HAPPY token
  • HAPPY token can be used to pay for online courses, 1:1 coaching & therapy sessions, and to purchase gift vouchers for the Happiness Academy, which allow you to go get a discount or sometimes even the entire course for free.
  • HAPPY Token is used inside the community to unlock CORE features, ticket sales, event promotions, advertisement, and other services.

Our aim for the HAPPY Token is that it will become the world's first and only liquid secondary market for one of humanity's greatest needs - happiness.

Rewarding Happiness

Emerging in a time of severe human friction and crises, the happiness token is a novel attempt to accurately and transparently reward an unlimited number of individuals for making subjective contributions to our human collective. Sophisticated machine learning algorithms ensure a safe and immediate distribution of HAPPY to users who cultivate or spread well-being.

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