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Happiness is a broad topic, and we don't want to limit what can be raised in this space or silence critical or experimental thought. On the contrary, we encourage people to openly talk about and connect over complex topics such as mental health, suicide or grief in a safe space and explore ideas beyond our common knowledge.

Our mission is to "To cultivate a safe and supportive community and share tools, practices and experiences that empower everyone to live happy and fulfilled lives."

However, sometimes we need to take posts down and/ or remove links and report and warn members. 

Here's a list of what to be mindful of:

- Link spam: Using to link to pages that are neither related to the topic nor do they give additional information enhancing the topic. These are mostly links to paid services and products. 

- Unrelated comments: Comments which have nothing to do with the initial topic or only vaguely relate to it to push another topic.

If violations of those guidelines happen repeatedly and the user in question doesn't respond to our warnings, we might have to block them.

Please also keep in mind the legal requirements around what's ok to post and what isn't like our photo guidelines, Terms and Conditions -> Duties of the user and the general community guidelines based on the 5 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

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