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How do I block or report another member?

How can I block someone?

  • Messages:

In your inbox, to the left of the message box where you type a reply, there are 3 icons. One for emojis, one for attachments, and one for actions. Click on actions to "Ignore member." If you choose this option, that member can no longer see your profile nor get in touch.

  • In the chat:

On the left side in the list where you see the users, you'll see a green dot next to the user's name on the right. Click on it and in the drop-down, choose "Ignore user."

  • By username:

If you want to block someone you haven't had contact with via a message or in the chat, you can manually add their username to your blocklist

I feel bothered by another member - what can I do?

If you feel bothered by another member at any time, you can add them to your blocklist. Before that, you might consider reaching out and letting the person know how you feel. Depending on the situation, you might also want to choose to report the profile or a message you've received. This is up to you.

How can I report profiles or messages?

To report profiles: Below the profile details on the left of a member's profile, there's a "Report profile" button. Click on it to report the member. In the next step, you can provide more details and even provide a screenshot.

To report messages: Click on the three dots icon on the bottom left side of the message reply box and select "Report conversation." The conversation will then be sent to the support team, who'll review it and act accordingly.

Our advice is always to be kind and compassionate, but at the same time be clear about your boundaries. This is something you need to decide for yourself, but please know the support team is here for you!

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