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How can I save my search settings?

Saving your search setting is a functionality that is currently only available to CORE members. This function is quite handy, yet the feature isn't that intuitive.

So here's the detailed description for it:

  • From the logged-in homepage, click on "Explore."
  • Then click on the orange icon to the left of "Members in your area."
  • Once there, click on "Detailed Search" in the lower end of the box.
  • Set your search criteria and click "Search."
  • On the results page,  click on the orange icon to the left of " members within..." and once you've chosen your criteria, click on "Save."
  • In the next box, you can add a name to your search setting.

Your saved search settings will now be shown when you hover over "Explore" at the end of the dropdown.

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