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Guest posts in the happiness Magazine

First of all and thank you for considering to write an article for the happiness Magazine. As a small project, we rely on the enthusiasm of our users!

We'd love to get back to you individually, but we are being bombarded with requests to publish guest articles, and many of them aren't what we are looking for. So we have created this overview for you to see if and how to get in touch about guest posts.

  1. Yes, generally speaking, we accept guest articles, and we love to highlight voices and experiences from truly engaged members of the community.

  2. No, we don't if they are simply for the sake of link building, even if the article would be written especially for us as unique content about a subject we could choose. We'll rather not jeopardize our reputation or the quality of our well researched and scientifically backed magazine.

  3. We are interested in cooperation (including backlinks but not limited to) from credible and relevant sources and projects. If you have something in mind to uplift each other and develop a mutually beneficial collaboration between our projects, please send an email with the details to

  4. If you are looking for paid advertising possibilities, please get in touch with Nils: - Don't contact Nils if the page you want to advertise for is not directly focused on mental health, mindfulness and self-development.

  5. If you are an expert in a field relevant to and are genuinely interested in sharing your knowledge and insights with the community, please consider signing up on  and engaging with the users.
    You can list your business (which gives you a backlink), create events, and become a teacher in the happiness Academy.
    There are many ways to share your light with the happiness community. Please check out the other related articles in the FAQ.
    Authors, writers and journalists (who aren't working on behalf of link building/ content marketing agencies and such), please get in touch with our editor

We appreciate your support and engagement!


the happiness Team

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