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How can we help promote your course?

Announce new and existing courses on:

Social Media

Of course, you should promote your course repeatedly with different posts on all the social media platforms you are on. 

We can promote your course directly on the below social media channels as well. 

The post includes an image with a few lines of text as an introduction. These are great ways of reaching people quickly. 

For the course, you already prepared videos. So if you have a video with which you want to promote your course via our channel on youtube, we are happy to share it there too.



Our pinned newsfeed posts allow us to create an image and post text that links directly to your Academy course. It usually stays pinned for 2 or 3 days to the top of the newsfeed, meaning it is the first thing people see when they log in. 

Mentions and links within articles

We regularly publish new magazine articles about well-being. We can include mentions and links to your Academy courses if there is a link. If you spot a good place within one of the articles where we can link to or mention your Academy course, please do let us know, and we can try and make it happen. 


Furthermore, there is the potential for a full magazine about your course, including an interview with you. 


We regularly promote Academy courses in the newsletter that goes out twice a month to members. The newsletter is often themed and covers relevant magazine articles, forum discussion and course info.

Let's get in touch regarding these possibilities once your course is live. :-)

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