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How can I spot a scammer / online fraud?

We take the issue of scammers and online fraud very seriously as it impacts everyone's experience on when someone is here with the wrong intentions. 
Fake users and scammers act in many different ways and can be tricky to spot. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind to stay safe online.

  • Don't share personal details
    You wouldn't give a stranger on the street your personal information like bank details, social security, address etc. Apply the same mindset online! Report anyone asking for this type of information to our Support Team and they will look into it. 

  • Be suspicious if someone asks to move the conversation elsewhere
    If someone you're chatting to early on wants to move to Whatsapp, Google Hangouts etc. it can be a subtle way to get your phone number or email address. 

  • Keep your conversations on until you've gotten to know the other person, and feel safe and comfortable to give them your contact details
    If the person you're speaking to is genuine, they will understand. If they're being pushy or aggressive or trying to rush you, it could be a red flag.

  • If offers or requests money - report them
    it is not allowed to offer or request money on If another member offers or asks you for money, please report them.
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