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How can I organize a self-help group?

There are several ways you can organise a self-help group and give people a chance to support each other in a shared struggle.

  • The happiness Forum

You can start a topic in the happiness Forum for people to share and read whenever available. This is great as people worldwide can come together and participate in every timezone.

Our advice is to check the forum first for similar topics to the one you'd like to create and start by actively participating there.

  • Create a recurring event (online or offline)

You can create a regular event or meeting, both online and offline. Either choose a physical place or add a link to a Zoom meeting.
You can also meet in the happiness Chat and create a virtual room for your meeting there.

  • Get in touch with people with the same interest

Check out the interest pages to see who else shares these interests. Get in touch with those members directly to exchange ideas, learn and inspire each other.
Add interests to your profile, too, so others can find you this way.

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